A. Vim Registry Entry Examples

Here you can find several examples of YAML files containing entries for the Vim addon registry.

Example A-1. vim-runtime.yaml: entry for the matchit plugin

The vim-runtime package itself ships an addon: the matchit plugin. It is rather standard as it ships its content under /usr/share/vim/addons and has no way to be prevented from being loaded. The content of /usr/share/vim/registry/vim-runtime.yaml follows.

addon: matchit
description: extended matching with "%" (e.g. if ... then ... else)
  - plugin/matchit.vim
  - doc/matchit.txt

Example A-2. vim-scripts.yaml: entries for the Vim scripts addon suite

The vim-scripts package ships a suite of several addons, for each shipped addon an entry for the addon registry is provided. Since the shipped addons are not installed in the default addon directories the basedir field should be specified. Several addons provide a way for being blacklisted, for example the alternatve addon can be disabled by adding the line let loaded_alternateFile = 1 somewhere in ~/.vimrc. (Part of) the content of /usr/share/vim/registry/vim-scripts.yaml follows.

addon: alternate
description: "alternate pairing files (e.g. .c/.h) with short ex-commands"
basedir: /usr/share/vim-scripts/
disabledby: "let loaded_alternateFile = 1"
  - plugin/a.vim
  - doc/alternate.txt
addon: gnupg
description: "transparent editing of gpg encrypted files"
basedir: /usr/share/vim-scripts/
disabledby: "let loaded_gnupg = 1"
  - plugin/gnupg.vim
addon: align
description: "commands and maps for aligned text, equations, declarations, ..."
basedir: /usr/share/vim-scripts/
disabledby: "let loaded_alignPlugin = 1"
  - plugin/AlignPlugin.vim
  - doc/Align.txt
  - plugin/AlignMaps.vim
  - plugin/cecutil.vim
  - autoload/Align.vim
addon: themes
description: "colors sampler pack: all the color schemes on vim.sf.net"
basedir: /usr/share/vim-scripts/
disabledby: "let loaded_themes = 1"
  - plugin/themes.vim
  - colors/adam.vim
  - colors/adaryn.vim
# long list snipped here

Example A-3. vim-latexsuite.yaml: entries for the Vim LaTeX suite

The vim-latexsuite contains several advanced features for editing LaTeX documents with Vim. (Part of) the content of /usr/share/vim/registry/vim-latexsuite.yaml follows.

addon: latex-suite
description: "comprehensive set of tools to view, edit, and compile LaTeX documents"
disabledby: "let did_latexSuite_disabled = 1"
  - compiler/tex.vim
  - doc/imaps.txt.gz
  - doc/latexhelp.txt.gz
  - doc/latex-suite-quickstart.txt.gz
  - doc/latex-suite.txt.gz
  - ftplugin/bib_latexSuite.vim
  - ftplugin/latex-suite/bibtex.vim
  # loooong file listing snipped here
  - ftplugin/tex_latexSuite.vim
  - ftplugin/tex/texviewer.vim
  - indent/tex.vim
  - plugin/filebrowser.vim
  - plugin/imaps.vim
  - plugin/libList.vim
  - plugin/remoteOpen.vim
  - plugin/SyntaxFolds.vim